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ALP: Chemical and Applied Sciences (Fragrance)

Aim of the Programme

  Our ALP aims to prepare Bartleyans to become Learners for Life by:

  • Allowing Bartleyans to learn with interest and to learn by exploring and inventing
  • Enthusing Bartleyans to explore the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Cultivating the habit of learning


Broad-based Opportunities (Secondary 1 and 2)

Secondary 1 
• Acquire fundamental concepts in formulation of perfumes
• Use CAD Softwares to create simple designs for 3D printing 
• Perform separation techniques to extract essential oils from flowers, spices and fruits

Secondary 2  
• Implement Design-thinking Process,EDIPT(Empathy-Define-Ideate-Prototype-Test) to create a perfume and its bottle that caters to the theme specified
• Participate in a marketing campaign to create awareness on their product

Programmes for Students with Higher Interest and Ability (Secondary 3 and above)
• Partake inSTEM-related competitions and enrichment activities   
• Participate in study-attachments/Job Shadowing/ Learning journeys with Educational and Industrial partners 
• Take up Advanced Elective Module(AEM) in SP on Perfumery and Cosmetic Science

Our Partners

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Our ALP in the News

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