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How to get to Bartley Secondary School?

Bartley is located at 10 Jalan Bunga Rampai.  (The junction of Upper Paya Lebar Road and Bartley Rood.)

Bus Service: 22, 24, 28, 43, 58, 62, 70, 76, 80, 93, 158.  (It is a 5 minute-walk from Upper Paya Lebar Road to the school.)   

Nearest MRT Station: Bartley MRT (CC12).  A 3 minute-walk to the school through the school’s back gate. The back gate is operated by a turnstile.


What are the entry points for Bartley Secondary School?

Bartley admits students from all streams, Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical.

Our present students PSLE aggregates are:

Express Stream:       188 –  224

Normal Academic:    152 –  189 

Normal Technical:     096 – 151


What is the school population?

In 2020 we have a total of 33 classes:

Express StreamNo. of Class  N(A) StreamNo. of Class N(T) StreamNo. of Class
Sec 15 Sec 12 Sec 1
 Sec 2 4 Sec 22 Sec 2 2 
 Sec 33  Sec 3 Sec 31
 Sec 4 3   Sec 4 3 Sec 4 2
    Sec 51   
Total 15 

Total school population: About 1460

Our medium-average school size meant that we have been able to keep our class sizes small through banding.  This has enabled us to give more personalised support and attention to our students, which have in turn translated into good academic achievements, especially at the national examinations.


What is curriculum hour in Bartley?

Students are encouraged to report to school by 7.15am.

Flag raising ceremony will begin at 7.30 am.

After flag raising ceremony, students remain in the Parade Square for the Silent Reading Programme till 7.50 am.

CCAs are conducted on Thursday from 3.30pm to 6.15 pm.


Academic Programmes

Bartley offers a range of subjects to meet the different needs of our students.

For Combined Science, we offer

  • Physics and Chemistry or
  • Chemistry and Biology.   

For Combined Humanities, we offer

  • Social Studies and Geography or
  • Social Studies and History or
  • Social Studies and Literature

For Elective subjects, we offer

  • Design and Technology (D&T),
  • Food and Consumer Education (FCE),
  • Visual Art
  • Principles of Account (POA).

All Mother Tongue lessons (i.e. Chinese, Malay and Tamil) are done in school and within the school’s curriculum time.


Does Bartley offer triple Sciences to students?

Yes. Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry and Pure Biology are offered to students who show keen interest in Science and have demonstrated the ability to do triple Sciences at upper secondary level.


Does Bartley offer Additional Mathematics to all students?

Additional Maths is offered only to students who are academically strong in Mathematics.  This is so as the requirement for JC and/or Poly admission is just one Math subject.  It is important for students to work on just one Math (the compulsory E Math subject) if he/she does not have a strong mastery of the subject.


Does Bartley offer Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMT)?

Yes. Students taking HMT in Primary School and obtained a pass in PSLE will be given the opportunity to pursue HMT in Bartley Secondary School. 

For students without HMT in primary school but shows keen interest coupled with very good academic results in Mother Tongue in Secondary One will be offered to pursue HMT in Sec 2.

If there is insufficient students to start a HMT class, arrangements will be made for students to study HMT in the centres, such as Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre, school-based Higher Mother Tongue language centres near Bartley.

HCL is conducted in school. The number of students given opportunity to offer HCL next year are as follows:

  •                 2E:   15
  •                 3E:    3  
  •                  4E:     7


Does Bartley offer MTL B syllabus?

Yes.  Students who do not do well in MTL (e.g. with a grade of C, D or E in PSLE) may apply for MTL B.

If the number of students offering MTL B is too small to start a class, arrangements will be made for them to do the subject at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre, school-based MTL B centres near Bartley.


How does Bartley help students to excel in English Language?

Bartleyans performed reasonably well in English Language in GCE O Level exam. The percentage passed is above national average.

  • Structured Reading Programme- USSR as well as reading activities during curriculum time
  • Progressive skills development- Oral skills, for example- At Sec 1, students learn the art of delivering a speech before an audience based on a given topic. In Sec 2, they learn to present news reports (video clip). In Sec 2, they learn to work in teams to debate on a given issue.
  • Using authentic materials to teach English- for example, songs, news articles.
  • Spontaneous Writing- A writing programme that develops students’ fluency in the language- students write continuously for 30 minutes weekly.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

1. Student Development
2. CCAs

What is the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) of Bartley?

Learning for Life Programme

Community and Youth Leadership

The Learning for Life Programme in Community and Youth Leadership (CYL) embodies the school’s mission of nurturing wise leaders with the passion to serve the community. This is also in line with our long-term goal of developing students to be servant leaders. Through structured leadership training, learning programmes and opportunities, the school hopes to nurture individuals who are concerned citizens who actively contribute and selflessly give their time and energy to help others. The school strongly believes that leadership is not about the accumulation and exercise of power, but the natural feeling that one wants to serve, and care for others.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To develop leadership skills, knowledge and competencies that will strengthen students ability to serve the community.  
  • To provide the opportunities for students to apply their learning in authentic community platforms
  • To empower students to initiate and lead in community experiences  

To enhance students’ experience and learning, we have partnered with community and voluntary welfare organisations, which include the South East CDC, Joo Seng RC, Macpherson Gardens NC, NEA, HDB and Waterways Watch Society. These partnerships aim to give student leaders a stronger community service angle in their growth towards becoming Leaders for others.

We have different leadership and community VIA projects for the different levels. There are mass leadership workshops where each level of students will learn the traits of being a servant leader.

  • Secondary 1 – Awareness and listening skills (Working in teams for a good cause)
  • Secondary 2 - Perspective taking and empathy (Understanding needs of community and planning activities that would meet the needs and interests)
  • Secondary 3 – Planning and executing a VIA project
  • Secondary 4/5 – Leading a student –initiated project and inspiring others towards a good cause

Apex leadership training is done for student leaders to deepen their understanding and in inspiring them to take the lead in serving the community. There are camps organised for deeper learning and involvement in community projects beyond the school projects.


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) of Bartley Secondary School is on Chemical and Applied Sciences (Fragrance). The programme aims to equip our students with knowledge and skills in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) domain. Students will get to acquire concepts on Fragrances and engage in practical experiments to extract essential oils from flowers, fruits and spices. They will learn to create 3D designs using TinkerCAD software and print the designs out using 3D printers. They will get to formulate their personalised fragrance based on their personality and engage in Design-Thinking processes to create a product based on the theme specified.

Our Educational Partner, A*star, collaborates with the school in research projects in which the students take on the role of research scientists and conduct experiments to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills in STEM. Our industrial partner, Takasago, is the leading fragrance company in Asia and has given our students the opportunity to visit its facilities and to learn more about the processes of manufacturing fragrances. Some students will be identified in Sec two and three to take up an Advanced Elective Module (AEM) on Perfumery in Singapore Polytechnic or to participate in STEM-related competitions and research programmes as means to pursue their interest in that field of study.


What are the CCAs offered in Bartley Secondary School?

Bartley offers a range of CCAs, varying from sports and games to performing arts as well as clubs and societies. Here is the full list of CCAs that we are currently offering:

Sports and Games

  • Football
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

Performing Arts

  • Military Band
  • Choir
  • Modern dance
  • Guzheng

Ensemble Clubs and Societies

  • Entrepreneurs Club
  • Media Resource , IT and AVA Club
  • Service Learning Club

Uniformed Groups

  • NCC(Land)
  • NCC(AIR)
  • NPCC