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Home Based Learning 2022

Student Learning Space 

Dear students, 

During Home-Based Learning (HBL), the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) will be a key platform to support you in your learning.

Below are some possible scenarios and suggested steps that you can take when you are not able to access SLS for HBL.

Steps to login to SLS.jpg

Guide to Live Lessons during HBL

During HBL, some of your lessons may be live. It will be indicated in the HBL instructions, 

Below are some pointers to take note during live lessons.

During live lessons, take note of the following pointers:
  1. Ensure that you are appropriately dressed.
  2. Have all necessary stationery with you.
  3. Have all the necessary materials as specified in the HBL instructions ready in front of you.
  4. Note the time of the live lesson indicated in the HBL.
  5. Your teacher will share the Meeting ID and Passcode with you separately.
  6. To ensure security, do not share the link to the live meet on any social media platform.
  7. Pay attention during the lesson and seek clarifications actively. Do not surf other websites unless instructed by your teacher. 

Zoom will be the commonly used platform for live lessons.  

Home Based Learning Instructions [For Sec 1 to 3 students]

Dear Students, 

 Please click on your class to access HBL instructions.

 Remember to plan your day so that you can make the most out of your learning! 

 A gentle reminder that there is a class check-in from 1030 to 1045, Look out for the set of instructions from your Form Teachers in the HBL document!

Secondary 1

Secondary 2

Secondary 3