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CurioSTÉ Club (NEW)

A vibrant learning hub where learners are developed into the leaders of the future.

CCA Teacher IC:
Ms Ng Li Ya
Ms Cezanne Choo

About our CCA

CurioSTÉ – a play on the French word, Curiosité, which means curiosity. Our club aims to pique the students’ curiosity for Science, Technology and Engineering.

CurioSTÉ Club is an extension of the broad-based ALP Curriculum for students who are interested to delve deeper and acquire novel knowledge in Science, Technology and Engineering. With the strong partnerships with STEM Inc, Takasago, A*Star and Singapore Polytechnic, the club is in prime position to offer members the opportunities to experience learning in an authentic and innovative environment. Besides participating in learning journeys, job-shadowing, competitions and Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) to develop the cognitive aspect of our members, they will also be engaging in VIA activities and leadership development programmes to ensure their holistic development in the CCA.

The holistic development of the students in the CCA is summarised below:

CurioSTE Club Holistic Development Plan.jpg


Singapore Youth Science Fair 2021 - Commendation

CurioSTE Club_CCA Session.jpg

CurioSTE Club_ Learning Journey to Spice Garden 2.jpg

CurioSTE Club_Learning Journey to Spice Garden.jpg