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Gu Zheng Ensemble


To promote Gu Zheng as a traditional Chinese instrument and nurture our members to appreciate Oriental music

CCA Teacher IC
Ms Leo Min Yin

CCA Teachers
Mr Alex Ng Tian Lye

About our CCA

Bartley Guzheng Ensemble was established since 1997, has embarked on the journey of musicianship, armed with respect, integrity, passion and excellence. We aspire to instill all-rounded virtues in the members and accomplish a distinguished standard in our musicality. We have also gained remarkable experiences through the various performances such as Si-chuan charity fund raising, school festival celebrations and community involvement activities. 

Our objectives:

  • To promote appreciation in Chinese classical music
  • To develop musical talents of members.
  • To develop leadership skills in members
  • To strive for excellence achievement in SYF competitions
  • To cultivate artistic appreciation, personal enhancement
  • To promote Chinese culture through the study of traditional Chinese musical instruments.

NYAA Awardees, 13 Bronze 9 Silver