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Curricular Framework


The Bartley Curriculum Framework defines the school’s approaches and outcomes and sets the direction, for excellence in teaching and learning.  It guides the school in delivering a quality student-centric, values-driven and holistic education.

Bartley Curricular Framework.jpg

  • The BCF is designed to be in a shape of a star and compass.
  • It is likened to that of a Polaris or more commonly known as the North Star. The North Star has been used for well over 2000 years by navigators to determine both their direction and latitude.
  • The BCF thus provides the direction for the school in the design and delivery of its programme, both in curricular and co-curricular areas
  • The BCF has 5 parts:
    • Innermost circle for Values 
    • The heptagon for Habits
    • The hexagon for Competencies
    • The 6-pointed star for Approaches; and
    • The wheel for Mission and Value Proposition
    • The implementation of the BCF will help deliver the desired outcome of a Bartleyan education, captured in the wheel at the base of the model

The BCF is centred on the school’s CORE VALUES.  These values form the foundation of our efforts to nurture our students.

Students are also equipped with social-emotional competencies, and 21st century skills to help them navigate through life successfully. COMPETENCIES are abilities or attributes, described in terms of behaviour, which are key to highly effective performance.

The school’s effort in curriculum planning and design is based on the X3-A3 APPROACH.  For academic programme, the curriculum is designed with the intent to eXcite and engage students in their learning, provide avenues for them to eXtend and apply what they have learnt, and give opportunities for all students to eXcel and experience success.  In the co-curricular domain, the design of the curriculum is tailored to enable students to Acquire knowledge and skills, provide opportunities for them to Act on what they have learnt, and equip them with skills so that they can be a champion and Advocate for positive change.

In enacting the curriculum, the school is guided by our MISSION of empowering every Bartleyan to lead with wisdom, serve with humility and learn with passion.  Through this framework, we want to deliver on our VALUE PROPOSITION of nurturing Bartleyans to be Leaders for Others, Learners for Life.