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Assessment Matters

Assessment Plan and Policy 2022

1. The Ministry of Education announced in Sept 2018 several changes to encourage schools and stakeholders to move away from focusing too much on examinations and grades, and to help students to discover the joy of learning.

2. In tandem with these changes, there will be only one weighted assessment per subject per term that counts towards the year-end score.  The school will undertake a range of student assessment (e.g. pop quizzes, worksheets, seat work and homework) and reporting (e.g. termly and semestral progress reports) to inform and support student learning. 

3.  In addition, there will be no mid-year examination at Secondary 1 and 3.  

Attendance Policy

4. The staff of Bartley Secondary School works hard to design interesting and engaging programmes so that learning is meaningful to ignite the passion and joy for learning in our students.  Students can only benefit fully from these programmes by being present, punctual and participating actively in all school programmes.  

5. Every single day a child is absent from school equates to a day of lost learning.  Parents are to note the start and end dates of each term in the academic year.  All students are expected to be present and to attend lessons during term time, as well as all other school activities that have been planned for them.
6. A student’s attendance and punctuality are recorded in his/her academic report (termly and semestral) as the number of school days present and instances of late coming. 

7. In order to sit for examinations, students have to attain at least 75% in attendance.  In other words, their absence accounted for by medical certificates and parent’s letters must not exceed 25%.  The school will only accept a maximum of 4 parents’ / guardian’s letter per year.

Absence from Weighted Assessment (WA) and Examinations

8. A student who is absent for a paper due to illness must produce a medical certificate (only medical certificates from a doctor registered with the Singapore Medical Council are accepted).  For students with a valid reason for their absence, ‘VR’ (valid reason) would be reflected for the CA/SA and a proration of the marks will be reflected in the semestral reports.

9. A student without a medical certificate will be given zero mark for the paper that he/she missed. Letters from parents will not be accepted. Any student who is absent for any WA/examination will not be able to sit for that particular paper and the paper will be given as a practice paper.  There is no retest or make-up test as this is consistent with that of the conduct of the national examinations where there is no re-take of examination paper missed.

10. All documents to validate a student’s absence from school must be submitted to the Form Teacher immediately, once the student returns to school.

11. The school’s practice to award zero mark for absence from assessment is to maintain the authenticity of the test/examination papers and ensure that there is fairness for all students who sat for the papers.    

12. We seek parents’/guardian’s cooperation NOT to send your child/ward to school for tests/examinations if he/she is unwell.  Do take your child/ward to the doctor when he/she is unwell and get a medical certificate so that the school can process the results accordingly.

Parents’/Guardian’s Support

13. It is important that everyone works together to help every child obtain the best possible start in life with a good education.  Parents should work in partnership with the school, notifying the school of the reason for any of your child’s/ward’s absences and highlighting any areas of concern they may have so they can be addressed promptly. 

Assessment Plans

14. Please see below the Preliminary Examination Timetable for 4E/5NA, 4NA and 4NT in the academic year 2022. 

15. Please see below the Term 3 Weighted Assessment Plan for Sec 1 to 3 in the academic year 2022. 

15. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that your child/ward does the necessary preparation and revision for the components that he/she will be assessed on.

16. Your child/ward will be duly notified by the respective subject teachers should there be any changes to the assessments conducted as the year progresses.

17.. Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Ng Chor Yam
Vice Principal (Academic)
Bartley Secondary School