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English Language



Leaders for Others, Learners for Others


Empowering Bartleyans to lead with effective and exceptional listening, reading, speaking and writing 

By the end of a Bartleyan's education in Bartley Secondary School, a Bartleyan will be able to:

  • Listen, read and view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciating a wide range of literary and informational/ functional texts from print and non-print sources. 
  • Speak fluently and write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures. 
  • Acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language. 

Signature Programmes

We constantly seek ways to engage and excite our students in the learning of the English Language. The design of the curriculum is grounded on the view that mastery of the English language enables the individual to make informed judgements about moral, philosophical and social issues, and develops his/her awareness of the self in relation to the diversity of human experience. A competence in language will also put our students in good stead in their chosen careers.

In the classroom, we continue to engage our students through the use of active and cooperative learning strategies, encouraging self-directed and collaborative learning. Similarly, thinking routines are also exploited to promote higher-order thinking and ownership of learning among students. All these initiatives among other things work toward developing students into 21st century learners who are equipped for future challenges.

Our signature programmes to empower Bartleyans to lead with effective and exceptional listening, reading, speaking and writing skills include:

1. eXCITING Reading!

The Reading Programme in Bartley Secondary School aims to develop in students the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information. Our students get the opportunity to read on a daily basis through the school's morning reading programme. Students get to experience fun and engaging reading activities during our Tuesdays with Teachers Programme. Characters from books come alive and powerful stories take centrestage as teachers guide students in their discovery of books. Apart from Tuesdays with Teachers, students also take part in events such as Reading Games Day, Tracking Reading Made Creative (creative displays of book reflections) as well as class library visits.

2. ELation!
ELation is the school's very own English Language Week. Teachers and students immerse themselves in a range of language-related activities which include quizzes, drama presentations, poetry recital, speeches as well as mini-competitions to showcase students' proficiency in the language.

3. Competitions:
We strongly believe that our students need to be exposed to good use of the language through their participation in internal as well as external competitions. Hence, our students get to participate in competitions such as the Singapore Secondary Schools Debate Competition, the Plain English Speaking Award, Orator's Trophy as well as national and international writing competitions.

4. Enrichment programmes
To promote aesthetic appreciation and the use of language for artistic expressions, students undergo enrichment programmes such as visits to plays, puppetry workshops, drama lessons as well as debate skills training.

5. Spontaneous Writing

Spontaneous Writing (SW) aims to develop Bartleyans into leaders who are able to think on their feet and write spontaneously on any given topic. SW develops fluency in writing and removes the hurdle of writers’ block. It is an opportunity for our students to develop critical and reflective thinking which they will be able to apply to various contexts in their lives.