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Principal's message

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Welcome to Bartley Secondary School!

Founded in 1952, the school has a long and rich history of nurturing learners and leaders. We are heartened that our alumni members actively contributing to the progress of the nation in different fields, ranging from public service, civic organisations, business to sports.  As the school’s 14th Principal, I am honoured for the opportunity to build on the good work of my predecessors and I hope to bring my varied experiences from MOEHQ, secondary schools and junior college to value-add to a more vibrant school life here in Bartley Secondary.

School life has certainly changed with the onset of the current pandemic. Nonetheless, in Bartley, our staff have adapted nimbly to the challenges so that we may continue to pursue our aspiration to grow provide quality learning opportunities for our students to learn, lead and serve. In Bartley Secondary School, we believe in providing as many and diverse learning opportunites as possible for our students. Besides our academic and co-curriculum programmes, we also have our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP) to enhance their school experience.  Our ALP, Chemical & Applied Sciences (Fragrance), offers students the additional opportunities to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through exploration and discovery, offering them a glimpse into STEM which is a new engine of growth to propel our nation’s progress in the future. Our LLP, Community Youth Leadership, provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, and strengthen their leadership skills. We hope to see new generations of Bartleyans continuing the good work of our old boys and girls to contribute actively to the betterment of our society. Both ALP and LLP are distinctive programmes that enhance our students’ school experience and prepare our students for the future.

We believe that it takes a community to nurture our young minds. Our parents, alumni and community partners bring with them a vast pool of experience and expertise that can enrich the development of our Bartleyans.  Therefore, we seek to work in partnership with our parents, alumni and community partners to provide relevant, authentic and meaningful learning experiences for our students. 

Together, we can nurture every Bartleyan as Learners for Life and Leaders for Others, grounded in our C.O.R.E. values.

For 2022, we not only want to do better and be better, but Be Better Together.

Join us on an exciting journey to discover that “better” version of yourself and experience a fulfilling time of growth!

Ms Britta Seet