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Principal's message

‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.’ - Henry Ford

Our theme for this year, ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me,’ encourages our students to take ownership of their lives. Students have to be the change they want to see and they determine their own future. We want to develop students who have the courage to try, the optimism to bounce back and the tenacity to strive for excellence. To be Leaders for Others, students must have the sense of responsibility for their actions. To be Learners for Life, students have to be accountable for their learning. And in Bartley, we strive to inculcate the right values to guide our students as they take charge of their own destiny. 

As a school, we provide the necessary – a conducive environment, teachers, structures – and give our students the freedom to explore. As we take a glimpse of what our students have gone through the past year, you will see how our students have created their own experiences and memories. Through these little steps and small achievements, it is our hope that our Bartleyans will continue to develop their potential, lead with wisdom, serve with humility and learn with passion. And one day, they will carve their own paths to success.

We look forward to an exciting 2020. Facta Non Verba!

Mohd Azhar Terimo