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Student Leadership

Bartley Secondary School - Student Leadership Development

At Bartley, we believe that every student has the potential to be a strong self-leader, and a leader for others. As such, the school has identified Student Leadership Development to be one of our key student development platforms. To this end, we have SLD programmes targeted at the whole student body, and for students on our Student Leadership Tracks. 

Student Leadership Framework

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Leadership Structure 

The school nurtures resilient and responsible leaders by offering all Bartleyans leadership opportunities and leadership development through structured and progressive leadership training programmes. These are brief descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the different student leader segments.

Students’ Council (SC) 
The Students’ Council is the voice of the student body and the representative of the school. As such, student councillors serve the school by influencing the student population to live out the school values and motto as well as leading changes to improve the school.

Student Council 2021
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Student Council Key Events

Class Committee

The Class Committee of each class comprises the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, National Education (NE) ambassadors, Technology Leaders, Physical Education (PE) Leaders and Green Champs. Together, they enable the class to be responsible for its growth and development towards effectiveness.

CCA Leaders
CCA leaders are the top leaders within each CCA, selected to lead, coach and empower fellow CCA members to perform effectively within their CCAs. They also lead their CCA members to progress towards greater team effectiveness. 

Towards Team Leadership

2019 Student Council