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WEP: Work Experience Programme

Work Experience Programme @ Bartley

In line with the national SkillsFuture movement where mastery goes beyond paper qualifications, Bartley Secondary School aims to create a mindset of striving towards excellence through knowledge, applications and experience. This further supports the Ministry’s direction to develop entrepreneurial dare by encouraging students to seek knowledge beyond the classroom. This serves as an opportunity for them to apply what they have learnt in class and in turn, to pursue their passion earnestly.

To prepare our students for the future, the Work Experience Programme (WEP) was introduced at Bartley Secondary School to inculcate Bartleyans to be Learners for Life. Specially tailored for the upper secondary students, the WEP aims to provide opportunities for students to understand the demands of the various industries and experience life in the working world. In addition, the WEP also seeks to develop essential soft skills so as to equip students with the confidence and necessary attributes to develop positive relationship with others. 

The school has partnered several key organisations over the last few years to engage our students to learn about the world of work. Our partners are key industry players spanning across several fields namely Perfumery, Early Childhood, Wildlife Conservation and many others. Bartleyans have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the industry by learning from industry experts and observing the works of personnels in the respective fields.

If you or your organisation is interested to be our partner, you may contact Ms Siti Ramziyani Ramdzan (SH Partnership/VIA) at siti_ramziyani_ramdzan@moe.edu.sg for more details.

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Student Work attachment at Singapore Zoo.jpegWEP at QCD Technology.jpeg
Student Work attachment at Singapore ZooWEP at QCD Technology

WEP at Singapore Kindness Movement.jpeg
WEP at Takasago International.jpeg
WEP at Singapore Kindness MovementWEP at Takasago International